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  • 3 easy DIY projects for your Festival Katydid Tops this summer!

    Posted on May 1, 2016 by Katydid Collection

    DIY your favorite tops; a summer festival trend.

    We know you love your Katydid tanks and tees and would never want to cut them up! BUT... check out these 3 really easy and fun DIY projects you could do with your girl squad or even with your kids this summer. When you're getting ready to head out to all the summer festivals this year, typically you remember sunscreen, cash, a really cool Katydid trucker cap, your sunglasses and of course tank tops or short sleeve tops... and who doesn't love to jazz up an older item you may have in the closet, re-purpose and tank top or tee shirt in the below ways.

    tank tops, festivals 2016, DIY tshirt, cut tank top

    1. Dear Weekend, I love YouDon't we all love the weekend and just can't wait to show it.  For this simple DIY project all you'll need to do it cut the bottom edge to a point, then cut up the center to the mid-drift area, tie in a knot and you're good to go!
    2. Beach Hair Don't Care - That feeling of freedom when you taking in the sunshine, swimming in the ocean, and getting all the salty air in your hair... and well... you just don't care. For this fun DIY project just cut the lower half of your tank top into 1.5" wide strips, make sure you have an even number of strips, then tie 2 rows of knots, the second row alternates strips as you can see in the photo.
    3. Follow your Arrow wherever it Points -  Don't be afraid to just be yourself and have a blast this summer following you're own arrow. For this DIY project, you can use a short sleeve shirt, Cut the neckline to create a low v-neck, save the scraps. Cut a horizontal line across the center back of your shirt, scrunch up the upper half, use your scrap fabric to tie it in the center, or use glue for a more finished look.

    Let us know which one you want to try to make. ALSO please send us photos of your Katydid DIY tops! We'd love to see them and share! Message us and Like us on Facebook.

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  • Stay on Trend - 5 Key items to Wear and Adore Now

    Posted on April 23, 2016 by Katydid Collection

    Stay on Trend with these 5 Must-Haves for the Spring Season.

    We put together a little collection of some of our favorite fashion pieces that will be on trend for the spring and summer seasons. I'm already seeing the celebrities rocking some of these desirable key pieces. You too can Stay on Trend this season with any of these five fabulous spring must-haves.

    katydid, katydid collection, trend, 5 key items, spring, summer,

    The Lightweight Jacket can really be any style you prefer but we love this military style in an olive green paired with a Katydid Graphic Tank top, "Coffee before Talkie".

    The Graphic Tank will be the biggest statement piece in your closet because it says exactly what you're feeling that day! The Katydid Graphic Tank top "I can't Adult Today" is shown here with a fringy denim vest, studded clutch, and metallic gold flats.

    The Bare Shoulder is perfect for the breezy spring weather. This style top still maintains that sexy summer appeal while staying warm enough through the changing season. I've seen the bare shoulder used in rompers, blouses and maxi dresses!

    The Trucker Cap you can consider a staple accessory for any outdoor summer event. From baseball games to camping a girl can always stay fabulous wearing a Katydid Trucker Cap this 2016 season. New this season "Squad Goals" Glitter trucker cap is perfect for you and all your favorite BFF's!

    The Casual Romper is the one item I always love to throw on quickly and still feel like I'm put together and on trend. A floral print is perfect to coordinate with any vacation surroundings so don't forget to pack a romper. Easy to wear to any festival or concert this summer with some gladiator flats, reflective aviator sunnies, and a simple wristlet clutch bag for you ID.

    Follow us on Pinterest to see how we like to style out Katydid pieces just to inspire you!

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  • Real Housewives of Dallas, Which Katydid graphic tank tops would they wear!?

    Posted on April 21, 2016 by Katydid Collection

    Katydid Graphic Tank Tops for the Real Housewives Personalities!

    We are having too much fun watching the newest Reality show on Bravo TV, The Real Housewives of Dallas. We started daydreaming and wondered which Katydid Graphic Tank Tops each of these 5 very different women of Dallas would wear! What do you think? Which personality are you most like?

    Don't you think Brandi Redmond would look so Cute in our "Can't Adult Today" tank. She's a gal that loves to be silly and have fun, and that may get her into a little trouble....like when she mimics LeeAnne in the first episode. She's a former All-Star, Pro-Bowl and five-time Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Brandi’s heart and soul is Texas forever, so I'm sure she would love anything from Katydid Collection.

    Can't Adult Today, tank tops, katydid, graphic tanks, Brandi Redmond


    LeeAnne Locken has a strong, spirited attitude and is no stranger to the spotlight. Her entire social circuit is rooted in the premise of giving back and volunteering to the organizations she is most passionate about, and she has made a career out of her charity work. LeeAnne has a bold personality that we all love! Already stirring the pot with her first episode quote "It's a Little Plano in Here". We thought LeeAnne could totally rock the Katydid "Follow Your Arrow" tank top. 

    arrow, tank tops, katydid, graphic tanks, LeeAnne Locken


    Originally an East Coast girl from Connecticut, Cary Deuber spent her childhood in Ohio before moving to Texas. After studying nursing, she pursued an advanced practice degree to become a CRNFA certified registered nurse first assistant. She has actively led and participated in multiple medical mission trips, focusing on pediatric surgeries in various third world countries. She is such a hard working woman so we thought a perfect Katydid graphic tank top for Cary would be the "Coffee, Work, Wine, Sleep, Repeat" design. Work is the one thing that is already checked off her list!

    coffee, tank tops, katydid, graphic tanks


    Don't you think our Katydid "Wifey" tank top would be perfect for newest housewife Stephanie Hollman. Born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma, Stephanie is "the girl next door" who moved to Texas and is currently a Trophy Wife living on the golf course of The Four Seasons with her husband.

    wifey, tank tops, katydid, graphic tanks


    The "Everyday I'm Hustlin" Katydid tank top would be super cute for  Tiffany Hendra. Thanks to her striking and exotic looks, she made a name for herself in Los Angeles for over 15 years working as an actress, TV host, and model. In hopes to be closer to her family, Tiffany has now moved back to her home state of Texas for a better quality of life with her Australian rocker husband of 12 years. Actually there are tons of Katydid Tank tops that Tiffany would love!

    hustlin, tank tops, katydid, graphic tanks


    Stayed tuned to Katydid's Blog for the latest updates! and let us know out of all the Katydid Tank Tops which one is your favorite!

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  • Hello Baseball Season! 2 Katydid outfits to wear to the game!

    Posted on April 6, 2016 by Katydid Collection

    2 Cute ways to wear Katydid baseball tops and hats.

    Goal: To Put together an outfit that is comfortable and weather-appropriate, but still shows your fashionista side. As any Baseball mom will tell you, layering is key. Start with a Katydid lightweight tank in your favorite team color, worn with blue jeans or denim cut-off shorts, maybe a scarf or sweater, all to keep you comfortable for sitting in the bleachers throughout the game. Leave your high heels and miniskirts at home...

    The #1 fashion rule when attending a baseball game is comfort.

    Wearing comfortable and relaxed clothing is definitely a key to having an enjoyable time at a sporting event. While your goal may be to look fashionably fabulous, the reality is you’re attending an outdoor event where you will be in the sun, wind etc. Now I’m down for a simple t-shirt and jeans or cutoff shorts, but I’m sure you’re looking for something a bit more stylish, like our newest original Katydid tanks tops and trucker hats. A great way to spruce up a baseball look, with these cute trendy baseball tee's and tap into one of these sartorial options. After finding your perfect outfit don't forget to throw on a fab hat, sunglasses and a clutch bag to complete your look.



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  • 6 Best Selling Hats - Katydid's IT LIST!

    Posted on March 28, 2016 by Katydid Collection

    Check out our 6 Best Selling Hats for the Spring Season!

    So many fun places to go once the weather starts to warm up. Baseball games, camping, boating on the lake, floating down the river or picking up shells on the beach. Be sure to "Follow your Arrow" to www.Katydid.com to pick up our cutest caps of the season. You'll be a "Happy Camper" for sure with these trending cuties and all your friends will ask where you bought such a cute trucker cap! Tons of designs, Perfectly worn-in styles and in your favorite coordinating colors.

    Don't be fooled by any knock-offs out there... Katydid makes all her original designs in the USA and is proud to support local businesses.

    Follow us on Facebook to stay posted on new designs as they arrive.


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  • A Cold Shoulder this Spring?

    Posted on January 29, 2016 by Katydid Collection

    Do you have a Cold Shoulder this Spring!?

    So many fun new trends are starting to appear for the Spring season! A notable fashion statement everyone will want to participate in, is giving a "cold shoulder" ..... a what!? Well, that's the name for blouses with either cut away shoulders, off the shoulders, or asymmetrical one-shoulder designs. Women love this blouse style when it still has that flow-y feel, it gives a look that is somewhat modest and sexy at the same time. Check out some of the looks fresh off of the runways for Women's 2016 Spring season... Let us know what you think!.. Do you love it or hate it?

    Be sure to Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and subscribe to our blog to state up to date on all the latest trends.

    cold shouldercold shoulderCold-Shoulders

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  • Pledge to Shop Local this New Year!

    Posted on January 7, 2016 by Katydid Collection

    Pledging to Shop Local this New Year?

    Economists say that if each American spends $64 on U.S. items this holiday season, they'd create 200,000 jobs. Lets keep up this momentum and pledge to Shop Local, it could be your New Year's Resolution!

    • Not only are you helping to reduce environmental pollution you are creating jobs in your community which can only contribute to the well-being of people and their families.
    • Typically you'll get better customer service by supporting local shops and online business with your dollars.
    • When you shop small, the bulk of the money you spend and most of your taxes stay local — helping schools, paving streets, keeping you safe.
    • You'll raise your property values. Lively, vibrant neighborhood shopping streets are considered an advantage when selling a home. They make your property more valuable.

    Don't forget that Katydid Collection is made in the USA!

    Check out all our latest apparel, headwear and accessories for Spring 2016 at www.KatydidCollection.com. Our designs are always right on trend because we can quickly create our products right here in the USA.

    shop local spend local

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  • Katydid Collection New Herringbone Vest

    Posted on December 19, 2015 by Katydid Collection

    Katydid's Herringbone Vest is the "IT" fashion accessory of the Season.

    One of our favorite times of the season is when the weather is changing from Fall to Winter, a perfect time to wear a cozy flannel, paired with a puffer vest and beanie. You can wear it with leggings, jeans or joggers. This year we fell in love with this black and white herringbone vest, which can be layered over almost any color and pattern. Designer inspired with quilted layers, pockets and a zipper front... yet our vest is only $39.95! Make sure to shop at www.Katydid.com to check everyone off your holiday list this season.

    There are so many ways to style out this cute vest, we picked out a few of our favorites found posted on Pinterest. You can purchase here!

    herringbone vest katydid collection katydid collection vest

    Disclaimer: Photos Courtesy of Pinterest

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  • Katydid for the Holidays

    Posted on December 11, 2015 by Katydid Collection

     Don't be so worried this year, the Katydid Collection has all your holiday must-haves for dressing up yourself or gifting to your friends and family. 


    What will your #ootd be this holiday? We know there are many factors in choosing the seasons best looks.

    1. Comfort – a MUST in any golden rule book. When it comes to dressing up in winter, a warm hat like this CC slouchy beanie is a flawless go-to. It comes in many different darling colors and with a fabulous price tag of under $50 at Katydid.com. We've also seen it worn and used in style guides all over Pinterest. 12165_pur
    2. Style – I love how on-trend this Katydid Holiday graphic print tshirt is! We have tons of the cuties, original designs that will surely make you feel the holiday spirit. Be sure to choose your favorite from our Holiday Collection.kdc-rag-909_wht_blk
    3. Accessories – a huge “yes” when it comes to nailing down a holiday-esque style. My favorites here are these incredibly chic printed Katydid fashion scarves. Infinity scarves are easy to wear with most any outfit, and an easy way to doll up any look. Don't forget stocking stuffers gifts or secret santa presents.WHB038_RED

    Look no further than www.KatydidCollection.com when it comes to checking off all these winter / holiday must-haves for this holiday seasons #ootd. Be sure to check out blog post to stay up to date on the latest trends and promotions!

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  • Katydid Collection Holiday Gift Guide 2015

    Posted on November 25, 2015 by Katydid Collection

    Psst...need a gift idea!? Katydid's Gift Guide has something for everyone on your holiday list.

    Katydid Collection offers many cap styles so you'll be covered this gift giving season. Check out our Gift Guide for 2015; featuring Katydid original fashion trucker caps. These hats are perfect for all your friends and family....from the Cowgirl Bestfriend to the Free Spirit and Coffee Lover Girl. Great for stocking stuffers or a gift for that special person in your life since they are priced at only $22.95! It's time to get shopping! KatydidCollection.com is your one stop shop for amazing holiday gifts.

    We have your shopping list covered!

    Katydid Collection gift guide

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