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  • A Cold Shoulder this Spring?

    Posted on January 29, 2016 by Katydid Collection

    Do you have a Cold Shoulder this Spring!?

    So many fun new trends are starting to appear for the Spring season! A notable fashion statement everyone will want to participate in, is giving a "cold shoulder" ..... a what!? Well, that's the name for blouses with either cut away shoulders, off the shoulders, or asymmetrical one-shoulder designs. Women love this blouse style when it still has that flow-y feel, it gives a look that is somewhat modest and sexy at the same time. Check out some of the looks fresh off of the runways for Women's 2016 Spring season... Let us know what you think!.. Do you love it or hate it?

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    cold shouldercold shoulderCold-Shoulders

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  • Pledge to Shop Local this New Year!

    Posted on January 7, 2016 by Katydid Collection

    Pledging to Shop Local this New Year?

    Economists say that if each American spends $64 on U.S. items this holiday season, they'd create 200,000 jobs. Lets keep up this momentum and pledge to Shop Local, it could be your New Year's Resolution!

    • Not only are you helping to reduce environmental pollution you are creating jobs in your community which can only contribute to the well-being of people and their families.
    • Typically you'll get better customer service by supporting local shops and online business with your dollars.
    • When you shop small, the bulk of the money you spend and most of your taxes stay local — helping schools, paving streets, keeping you safe.
    • You'll raise your property values. Lively, vibrant neighborhood shopping streets are considered an advantage when selling a home. They make your property more valuable.

    Don't forget that Katydid Collection is made in the USA!

    Check out all our latest apparel, headwear and accessories for Spring 2016 at www.KatydidCollection.com. Our designs are always right on trend because we can quickly create our products right here in the USA.

    shop local spend local

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  • Katydid Collection New Herringbone Vest

    Posted on December 19, 2015 by Katydid Collection

    Katydid's Herringbone Vest is the "IT" fashion accessory of the Season.

    One of our favorite times of the season is when the weather is changing from Fall to Winter, a perfect time to wear a cozy flannel, paired with a puffer vest and beanie. You can wear it with leggings, jeans or joggers. This year we fell in love with this black and white herringbone vest, which can be layered over almost any color and pattern. Designer inspired with quilted layers, pockets and a zipper front... yet our vest is only $39.95! Make sure to shop at www.Katydid.com to check everyone off your holiday list this season.

    There are so many ways to style out this cute vest, we picked out a few of our favorites found posted on Pinterest. You can purchase here!

    herringbone vest katydid collection katydid collection vest

    Disclaimer: Photos Courtesy of Pinterest

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  • Katydid for the Holidays

    Posted on December 11, 2015 by Katydid Collection

     Don't be so worried this year, the Katydid Collection has all your holiday must-haves for dressing up yourself or gifting to your friends and family. 


    What will your #ootd be this holiday? We know there are many factors in choosing the seasons best looks.

    1. Comfort – a MUST in any golden rule book. When it comes to dressing up in winter, a warm hat like this CC slouchy beanie is a flawless go-to. It comes in many different darling colors and with a fabulous price tag of under $50 at Katydid.com. We've also seen it worn and used in style guides all over Pinterest. 12165_pur
    2. Style – I love how on-trend this Katydid Holiday graphic print tshirt is! We have tons of the cuties, original designs that will surely make you feel the holiday spirit. Be sure to choose your favorite from our Holiday Collection.kdc-rag-909_wht_blk
    3. Accessories – a huge “yes” when it comes to nailing down a holiday-esque style. My favorites here are these incredibly chic printed Katydid fashion scarves. Infinity scarves are easy to wear with most any outfit, and an easy way to doll up any look. Don't forget stocking stuffers gifts or secret santa presents.WHB038_RED

    Look no further than www.KatydidCollection.com when it comes to checking off all these winter / holiday must-haves for this holiday seasons #ootd. Be sure to check out blog post to stay up to date on the latest trends and promotions!

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  • Katydid Collection Holiday Gift Guide 2015

    Posted on November 25, 2015 by Katydid Collection

    Psst...need a gift idea!? Katydid's Gift Guide has something for everyone on your holiday list.

    Katydid Collection offers many cap styles so you'll be covered this gift giving season. Check out our Gift Guide for 2015; featuring Katydid original fashion trucker caps. These hats are perfect for all your friends and family....from the Cowgirl Bestfriend to the Free Spirit and Coffee Lover Girl. Great for stocking stuffers or a gift for that special person in your life since they are priced at only $22.95! It's time to get shopping! KatydidCollection.com is your one stop shop for amazing holiday gifts.

    We have your shopping list covered!

    Katydid Collection gift guide

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  • Entrepreneur Turns Her Back on Google & Tips Her Hat to Spreesy’s Social Selling

    Posted on November 2, 2015 by Katydid Collection

    (DALLAS) November 2, 2015 –Thomas Jefferson said, “I’m a great believer in luck. And I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” If that’s the case, then call entrepreneur Katy Messersmith one lucky lady.

    The owner of Katydid Collection, a Dallas-based womenswear and accessories company, Messersmith held an enviable first page Google position, was among Inc. 500’s list of fastest growing privately held companies, and a favorite wholesaler to boutiques nationwide. However, in 2012 her business changed dramatically. Due to Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm updates she nearly lost her business, and a whopping $4.5 million in sales. Frustrated and scared, Katy rolled up her sleeves and worked harder than ever on her business; scanning the e-commerce horizon for another means of retailing her Katydid Collection womenswear designs.

    Katy discovered Seattle-based Spreesy, a one-stop, social-selling platform and decided to test one of her trucker hat designs. The Katydid Collection’s Lake Hair Don’t Care women’s trucker hat went viral generating 2 million views, 12,000 comments and 16,500 shares all via a single Facebook post. Since then, products in the Katydid Collection as well as wholesale items have seen similar success.

    “I’m sold. It was an amazing test and also a testament to the power of social media for retailers like me,” said Messersmith, founder and owner of Katydid Collection. Messersmith, who holds no financial or personal interest in the company credits Spreesy for helping put the company back on course.

    “It has generated tremendous revenue but equally important, it gives us another means of reaching our potential customers where they want to be engaged by discovering and discussing trends, products and services that are relevant to their lifestyle,” Messersmith explains.


    According to the company’s web site, the software enables businesses and individuals using Facebook and Instagram to sell directly to where their potential customers are the most engaged and receptive.

    About Katydid:  The Katydid Collection lifestyle brand includes women's apparel and accessories. The youthful yet edgy styles, vibrant colors, and signature popular motifs mixed with unexpected patterns have become wardrobe staples for women of all ages. While clients are drawn to the brand’s unique designs and creative embellishments, repeat customers return for the exceptional quality of the garments. Insisting on the highest standards for the Katydid brand, the entire apparel line is made in the USA. The label is sold in more than 5,000 boutiques across the nation.

    About Spreesy: Founded by two college dropouts, Spencer Costanzo and Braydon Batungbacal, Spreesy enables direct selling over Instagram and Facebook. Spreesy allows businesses to easily monetize their followings, enabling them to capitalize on the thousands to millions of people who have already demonstrated interest in their products. Spreesy is completely free to use and trusted by thousands of merchants.




    Katydid Lake Hair Hat

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  • Featured Boutique: Dixie Pearl

    Posted on June 8, 2015 by Alexandria Small

    Models with DP sign

    Katydid Collection is a popular brand around the country, but Southern boutique owners are particularly successful with selling Katydid in their stores.  We talked to Oklahoma-based business owner of Dixie PearlPaula Richardson.  Dixie Pearl is a Southern boutique that features "gotta have it" designs.  Paula told us about starting her own business and, of course, her Katydid favorites.

    Katydid Collection: What is the history of your boutique? How did you get started and how have things evolved over time?
    Dixie Pearl: We started in January 2014 with an online store on Facebook, and did not have much money to start with – so we all worked for free the first several months with our investment dollars going straight to the vendors that supplied our shirts and accessories. In the summer we started working vendor shows and spent money we didn’t have on inventory that we had confidence in based on the products that were getting the most attention on Facebook. Those shows were great because that is when we started networking – and making a profit. From there we connected with about 6 different boutiques – some that we wholesale to, and others that we work directly with as the retailer. We also have an "official" online store: dixiepearlboutique.com.


    KDC: How and why did you choose the name Dixie Pearl?
    DP: We are a family owned and operated small business. My daughter and I came up with the name by brainstorming. We've each adopted our new nicknames – Jennifer (our designer) is Dixie, and I (the owner) am Pearl!


    KDC: What are your top five brands that you carry? What are your top five products?
    DP: Our top brand is our own unique Dixie Pearl design - created by our Graphic Designer (and my daughter) Jennifer Chipman. All of our tops are “locally designed with you in mind” We accent our custom tops with bracelets, trucker hats and necklaces from Katydid- carrying an OKLAHOMA and SOUTHERN GIRL theme! We also carry products from brands like Ethyl & Myrtle, The Royal Standard, and Gleeful Peacock – exciting companies that accent our Dixie Pearl design wonderfully!


    KDC: What is your favorite Katydid Collection design and why?
    DP: It’s hard to say, we love the Oklahoma and Southern girl trucker hat collection, and the Oklahoma state shaped necklaces are faves also. These are perfect matches for our Dixie Pearl line, and we have had success carrying these products.


    KDC: What is your biggest challenge as a retailer?
    DP: Understanding that not everything we design is going to sell. You come up with a few items that are big hits, and they carry you. There are other designs that sell with some regularity – requiring patience, and then those items you are lucky to sell at cost.


    KDC: What is one piece of advice you wish you had before you opened your store?
    DP: Not everyone is going to be as excited about your designs as you might be. There are times to be subjective, and times to be objective; balancing the two is a key to success.


    Make sure to visit Dixie Pearl's online boutique.




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  • Katydid Summer Flip Flops

    Posted on May 14, 2015 by Alexandria Small

    FLIP FLOP LAYOUTKatydid's website is swimming in printed summer flip flops!  With over 100 prints to  choose from, you're more than likely going to find (at least) one you love.  For the latest flip flops, Katy was inspired by the high fashion prints on the runways.  And of course, it wouldn't be a Katydid collection without some sports, state love and school colors thrown in there too.  Summer will be here before you know it, so get your Katydid flip flops today.

    From left to right: Wave in black, fashion print, Texas blue and red chevron, pink chevron, leopard pink ribbon, Texas in orange, blue chevron, Victorian print

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  • Katydid On-Trend Aztec Prints

    Posted on April 27, 2015 by Alexandria Small

    AZTEC LAYOUTOne trend that always seems to be in style is the Aztec print.  With the endless variations and colors you can combine in an Aztec print, you won't get bored with it.  Geometric shapes and lines add dimension to a print to make it stand out, especially when you're in fun Katydid colors!  Katydid's southern girl style goes great with Aztec.  Even just a touch of Aztec on your Katydid Texas tee or tank will give your outfit an instantly cool vibe.  We selected a few of our top Aztec print picks on the Katydid website, so make sure you check them out and find your favorites too.

    1. Aztec Texas tee
    2. Aztec Texas baseball cap
    3. Aztec watch
    4. Aztec Texas tank
    5. Love flip flops
    6. Love Forever and Ever tank
    7. Aztec Texas tank
    8. Aztec Texas raglan tee
    9. Aztec cuff
    10. Aztec wallets

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  • Blogger Spotlight: Jeans and a Teacup

    Posted on April 13, 2015 by Alexandria Small

    17015695171_10c5bcbde5_oKatydid tees are worn by women with different interests and lifestyles and we're always excited to see how our customers incorporate Katydid into their looks.  Jeans and a Teacup blogger Jessica recently styled our "Eat Sleep Blog Repeat" tank from our newest collection, the #OOTD Collection.  Jessica lives in Los Angeles where she teaches music to preschoolers part time and works as a TV actress and extra (how cool!).  We love how Jessica paired her Katydid tank with a striped blazer and classic skinny jeans.  She completed the look with a chic gold necklace.  Check out her blog Jeans and a Teacup to see more photos of Jessica's Katydid #OOTD look!

    The tank Jessica styled is just one of the many pieces of the new Katydid Collection #OOTD line.  Find more fashionably fun tees and tanks on our website.  Which one are you going to make your next #OOTD?

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